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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cool Tropics 100% juice slush?

Cool Tropics 100% juice slush is a base of white grape and pear juice.  Natural and artificial flavors/colors are added to create different flavor profiles.  Cool Tropics is cholesterol free, fat free and has no sugar added.

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How is Cool Tropics mixed/stored?

Cool Tropics is a shelf stable concentrate that is mixed 5 parts water to one part

juice base.  It is packed in 6/64 oz bottles and is kept in dry storage.  The yield per case is 2450 ounces.  The shelf life of the liquid concentrate is six months.

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How many Cool Tropics flavors are there?

There are 16 Cool Tropics flavors available today.  Most distributors offer at least five flavors at any given time to promote different color options.  The top six Cool Tropics flavors are:  Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Fruit Punch, Green Watermelon, Peach Mango and Pineapple Coconut.

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How does a customer qualify for a machine?

Cool Tropics granita dispensers come in  2-bowl and 3-bowl models.  Equipment placement is predicated on projected volume for each location.  Customers that sell 75, 10 ounce servings per day on average qualify for a 2-bowl dispenser at no extra charge.  Customers serving 100 or more 10 oz servings per day qualify for a 3-bowl machine.

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How much space is required for a machine?

 2-bowl        16” W x 19” D x 35” H       (4 inches is needed on each side for ventilation)

3-bowl        24” W x 19” D x 35” H       (4 inches is needed on each side for ventilation)

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How much power does a Cool Tropics machine require?

 2-bowl             standard 110v outlet                           15 amps

3-bowl                            110v outlet               20 amps (special plug configuration)

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How often do the machines need to be cleaned?

Cool Tropics machines need to be cleaned once per week.  Cleaning times average 15 minutes per bowl.  2-bowl machines take 30 minutes, 3 bowls take 45 minutes.

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How long does the product take to freeze?

The average freeze time for a machine loaded at tap water temperature is one hour.  Product that is stored in the machine overnight on “chill cycle” will freeze in 45 minutes.  Pre-mixed product that is stored in the walk-in overnight will freeze in 45 minutes.

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How many servings can you get out of a full machine?

 2-bowl                         76 ten ounce servings

3-bowl                         114 ten ounce servings

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What kind of a cup should Cool Tropics be served in?

The recommended serving size is 10 ounces served in a 12 ounce cup to reduce spillage.  Translucent or clear cups merchandise the product best and encourage more sales.

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Can the machines be secured at night?

Locking bars secure the spigots and prevent overnight usage.  Hasp locks are provided to secure each bowl lid to eliminate any chance of product tampering between serving times.

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How can the equipment keep up with demand when product runs low?

In the early stages of the program demand is high and it is often necessary to “double batch” to keep up with requests for the product.  The machine is turned on at 8:00 AM and slush is ready by 9:00.  1-2 gallons of product are drawn off and placed in the refrigerator.  The dispenser is topped off and put in freeze mode.  During lunch service the reserve product is brought out as needed to handle demand.  Any leftover product in refrigerator will melt back into liquid and can be reused.

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Cool Tropics Program Benefits

  • High Profit Margin
  • Fun, Nutritious and Profitable
  • Free machines and service (no risk to end users)
  • Locking kits for equipment security
  • Full POS promotional support
  • Fastest freezing machine in the industry (big for schools)
  • Thorough staff training to ensure success of the program

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